Heck yeah.




I kind of fell into art and using the creative part of my brain while in college. My plan up until that point was to teach math, but I found art and it took over my world. I love creating anything... everything.

While I love designing on a computer I also like to unplug as often as I can and create with real materials. I love designing and building furniture, working with wood, concrete and metal. I even had a line of home decor items carried by Urban Outfitters.

I also love to draw and paint, mostly realistic portraits, but lately I have really fallen in love with experimenting with abstract art. It's such a great stress reliever and creative outlet. The influence of creating pieces, like the ones shown below, has spilled over into my digital world recently and has been a lot of fun. I've even been lucky enough to sell a bunch of these and get commissioned to make more!