Heck yeah.


Album Art


One of my favorite things to do as a creative proffessional is album artwork. I absolutely love bringing music to life with imagery. Music is very personal, so I am always honored to be trusted by bands and recording artists to be the one responsible for executing the visual component of their project.

Recently music has moved away from the physical format. The experience of going into a store and buying an album is rare, unless you're like me and you're addicted to vinyl. This has made what I do even more important because now, in most cases, there is one image associated with an album... the cover.

The pressure is always on and I love it. All music is different and unique. Each album gives me a specific and individual picture in my head. Conveying that into artwork that other people will respond to is always rewarding.

Below I have just a few samples of some of my work. Enjoy.